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Commercial Field Services (Full Time) $12-$35/Hour
Requirements:  You must be able to demonstrate the highest level of talent and professionalism to be considered for this position.  The more complete your abilities; the higher rate you will qualify for.
You must have a very clear understanding of networking, network environments, hardware and software.   You must communicate well and provide excellent service to the customers we serve.  You must be an intelligent, overachiever with ambition, high moral standards and work ethic that will add value to our team.  You must be able to teach yourself and learn through others.  You must be aware of your weaknesses, make them better and not put others at risk because of them.  You need to be responsible to yourself and others.

Please provide a complete resume to Struthers Ohio office.

Road Tech
(Part time) $8/Hour
Requirements:  Must be an insured driver with safe and dependable transportation.  Must be able to connect, configure and troubleshoot common peripherals.
Duties: Includes picking up computers from our customers.  After work has been completed, dropping off computers and connecting peripherals & connections.

Bench Tech
(Part time) $9/Hour
Requirements: Must have general  technical experience.  Must be able to follow instructions and processes. 
Duties: Keep all computers on the bench active and continue repair processes.

If you are interested in any of our posted positions, please fill our web employment form or send your resume to our Struthers, Oh office.


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