We are looking for TRUTH, not one team or ther other – 04/06/19 – Youngstown Computer Show

(10 PRINT “YOU CAN DO THIS”) This Episode 04/06/19 – We need to stop playing teams against one another and just seek truth. More complaints about speed cameras. Pay attention to transactions on your credit card statements! Start the learning process by listening, followed by doing, followed by helping the next person SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Youngsto…. Your interest and participation is vital to the program. Thanks for always supporting our endeavors! SHOW MISSION – Publicly discuss things loud enough that anyone at any level can learn and/or contribute. – Tackle intimidating topics – Make YOU more capable – Make things fun, vent, opine and be entertaining. Show Format Streamed LIVE and Edited version Uploaded 2 Hour program. 4 long segment and 4 short segments Commercials breaks cut out on the uploaded version. Your calls 330-729-9977 Your SMS 330-333-1570 ABOUT THE SHOW The program began helping people find their technology footing in 2008 on 570 WKBN, out of Youngstown, Ohio. Since then, it’s grown to include a live streaming platform on YouTube, Facebook Live and a number of other channels. Show Topics include: PC troubleshooting, national news items, local news item, science, business, self improvement – and anything that makes for good conversational fodder. ABOUT JOE Joe Danyi is an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. He owns several technology businesses and has a passion for teaching. He started broadcasting in 2002, and has done work in sports, music, business and technology.