04/13/19 – Youngstown Computer Show

This is YOUR show about technology. We learn through the experiences of others. More shows available at: https://www.youtube.com/user/Youngsto… (10 PRINT “YOU CAN DO THIS”) This Episode 03/17/19 – First Segment We need to create smarter people who can solve big problems. Start the learning process by listening, followed by doing, followed by helping the next person SUBSCRIBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/Youngsto…. Your interest and participation is vital to the program. Thanks for always supporting our endeavors! SHOW MISSION – Publicly discuss things loud enough that anyone at any level can learn and/or contribute. – Tackle intimidating topics – Make YOU more capable – Make things fun, vent, opine and be entertaining. Show Format Streamed LIVE and Edited version Uploaded 2 Hour program. 4 long segment and 4 short segments Commercials breaks cut out on the uploaded version. Your calls 330-729-9977 Your SMS 330-333-1570 ABOUT THE SHOW The program began helping people find their technology footing in 2008 on 570 WKBN, out of Youngstown, Ohio. Since then, it’s grown to include a live streaming platform on YouTube, Facebook Live and a number of other channels. Show Topics include: PC troubleshooting, national news items, local news item, science, business, self improvement – and anything that makes for good conversational fodder. ABOUT JOE Joe Danyi is an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. He owns several technology businesses and has a passion for teaching. He started broadcasting in 2002, and has done work in sports, music, business and technology.