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Youngstown Computers LLC has been a community leader and has been providing quality service to this community for XX number of years, our team of dedicated technical specialists enriches our local area with a diverse platitude of skills. Feel free to browse our brand new website and send us some feedback!


Malware, Spyware, & Virus Cleanup

Your computer is infected with spyware or viruses. There are pop-ups, fake virus warnings, or other of the many symptoms of a virus, malware or spyware infection. Solution: Cleanup is needed. Severity of cleanup determines cost. Light infections run 1 day of service at $125 or heavy infections run 2 days of service at $250.

New PC Setup

You're in the market for a new computer. You'd like to get your new computer ready and transfer all of your documents and pictures to your new machine. Solution: Data transfer $50, New PC prep and setup $135, Anti-virus $40

Proactive Virus Prevention

You'd like to prevent a virus and spyware infection before an infection takes place. Solution: Anti-virus installation $95


You're interested in protecting your pictures, music, documents emails and documents from hardware failure. Solution: External hard drive $125, Backup software $45, Setup $95

Business Services

We provide a wide range of services to all local business, we have what you need to keep your business going, check out our business services page for more info.


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